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     Advantages Chemcials
     Pharmaceutical Intermediates
     Basic Green 1
     2-Isocyanatoethyl methacrylate
     Basic Blue 7
     Basic Green 1
     Alizarin Red S
     Pentaerythritol glycidyl ether
     Homophthalic acid
     Trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate
    About Us

    JiaXing SiCheng Chemical Co.,Ltd based in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, after a rapid of development has become a high-purity chemicals supplier. Currently, JiaXing SiCheng Chemical Co.,Ltd serves the chemical, pharmaceutical, materials, energy, biotechnology and other fields, over the 1000 to the main chemical research institutes to provide professional development products and services. Chemistry and biological fields into R & D innovation and the rapid development cycle, we attach great importance, providing nearly 18,000 kinds of chemicals and biological reagents, and also in the use of molecular information management technology to track product development, production, purification, testing, storage, transport in order to protect the JiaXing SiCheng Chemical Co.,Ltd for all the scientists to provide high-quality, efficient, convenient, reliable service.

    JiaXing SiCheng Chemical Co.,Ltd Convinced that the adoption service for our customers to achieve R & D scientists to improve efficiency, reduce research costs, promoting technological development!

    Product Series
    Organic reagents
    Organophosphorus reagents, organic sulfur silane and silane-based reagent kit, N, O, S heterocyclic molecules, pyridine, indole, pyrazole organic acid derivatives, reagents, halogenated aromatic organic amino compounds, Fluoride, High-oxidants, organic reducing agent, diazo reagent organic bases, azo compounds, chloride, sulfonyl, nitrate, ammonium, cyano compounds, amino acids, nucleic acids, amino acids, nucleotides, coupling, phase transfer catalysts and ionic liquids
    Analytical reagent
    HPLC acetonitrile, methanol, HPLC Solvents, deuterated analytical standards, cushions, Preparation of ion-pair reagent anhydrous solvent, solvent Inorganic reagents
    Precious metal catalyst phosphine palladium catalyst, oxidants, precious metal compounds, reducing agents

    Professional Services
    Relying on our own R & D centers and partners, SiCheng Chemical (SCFC-Chemicals) can be quickly and efficiently to provide a variety of organic compounds, organic metals and organic solvents, include: ethers, aldehydes, ketones, acids, esters, hydrocarbons, alkyl , amines, olefins, aromatics, heterocyclic compounds. At present, we can provide customers more than 18,000 research reagents, not only has a small amount, the amount of inventory, some products can also be shipping in volume. In addition, to optimize our global network of resources, we can also have some industrial customers to use the product selection, recommended strong suppliers to meet your needs to provide more comprehensive services.
    We based on the current trends in cutting-edge scientific research, and actively develop new products to meet the needs of scientists, but also hard to help chemists solve the amplification process in the project continued demand for products to help scientists in the industrial process of selection, assessment, tracking and industrialization have been purchasing some domestic and international high-quality products, and large-scale production of its reserves and to provide high-quality suppliers.
    In addition, in view of the organic, the special requirements of the field of medicine, relying on our R & D, pilot and production capabilities, we wholeheartedly provide custom for you chemists, bulk purchasing service!

    Some chemical reaction may involve
    Acylation alkylation, Amidation reaction, Arbuvoz ammoniation reaction of sulfonyl chloride, condensation, dehydration, diazo reaction, Diels - Alder reaction , esterification, Friedel-Crafts reaction, Grignard reaction, Halogenation of heterocyclic synthesis, lithium, reaction, nitrification, quaternary ammonium oxidation reduction reaction,Suzuki coupling reaction Wells Meyer reaction, Wadsworth - Emmons, Wittig reaction reaction

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